[GM] or {MOD} application


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    [GM] or {MOD} application Empty [GM] or {MOD} application

    Post  TheAngel on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:41 pm

    Name: Alex
    Location: Romania/Bucharest
    Langagues: English, Romanian,and a lil Franch
    Why am I applying for this position: Well i want help for this position because i got a lot of experience like Staff Member and Player too Smile i was GM on Zan,Elite,Eternia,Fussion,Abnormal and many others Smile
    How could i help this server: I could help it answering on players questions , and if i be GM i will do a lot of events Smile i can catch a lot of hackers Smile
    How do i communicate: I got MSN,Yahoo Messenger , Skype
    Do I have expirience with being GM: Yes because i was GM on every servers almost and i quit because all that servers was do of stupid admins..i know all commands of gm Smile
    Do I have any expirience as DEVELOPER: well I'm learning SQL at the moment but i didn't try it out at things like that yet.
    Rateing for this server: 9,5/10 is a very good server Very Happy
    How long have i been playing 2moons/Dekaron: Well i played dekaron like 5~6 years Smile
    lol! Thanks for reading Wink lol!

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    [GM] or {MOD} application Empty Re: [GM] or {MOD} application

    Post  [Admin]Vance on Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:42 am

    i think ive seen you around before
    ill look into it a bit

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