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    Post  Sushi on Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:04 pm

    I'm 14 years old and of course im mature.

    I have never been a GM before, but i am looking forward for the experiences that will lye forward the future.

    I have been playing dekaron for about 2-3years including 2Moons.

    I have been playing on Elite Dekaron, Eternia Dekaron and Fussion Dekaron. I have 1 main char in Elite Dekaron-xCupCakex. I have so many chars on Eternia Dekaron, but my main is ShAwT3y and sub main is ChaosNurse. In Fussion Dekaron i have a main name Ryun and a sub main which i forgot the name of it, because i quit it for about 6 months ago lol.

    I have never been playing this server, but i have downloaded and install it into my computer, but when i heard that it was down i kinda felt sad cuz i wasted about 1 and a half hours downloading the client lol.

    EDIT: I created another same post for a new topic in case admins can't see my application.

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