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    CrazyMonkey is here XDD Empty CrazyMonkey is here XDD

    Post  Cr4zyMonkey on Sun May 30, 2010 2:41 pm

    Hello everybody!!! =]
    I created this topic to introduce my-self ^_^..So let`s start but first of all a few rules because it`s my topic anyway =D
    1. Have fun here xD
    2.No stupid questions...
    3.You can fight here ^_^
    So...let`s start
    My name is Ionuț, I live in Nasaud, Romania =D
    I am 13 years old( lil and smart ^.^ ) and in july 31 i make 14 =X
    I don't smoke/drink excepting water,juice,cola and other things that can kill you =D
    I love 2Moons/Dekaron...i play it for 4 year and i never stopped xD
    I also play other MMORPG`s like Metin2( i own a pserver ^_^),Aion online,RF Online,Rose online,World of Worcraft ( wich i own it with license O_O ) and other games =D...Offline mode games are pretty basic xD i like flash games xDDDD and i also play Grand theft auto,Need for speed ( Undercover and Shift are also owned xD )and The Sims wich i really love it because i can have a lot of money O_o...My pc isn`t the best but i can play dekaron and that`s all about xDD
    The dekaron server list is veryy long O_o First i started with Extream...then Fussion(the most played for now Very Happy ) then zandk (left because zander is a *****) then eternia then infernal then abnormal then nemesis then rusaki then final war (wich i was GA :>) and so on -.-...i never had my own dekaron svr because it looks hard to make it and i am lazy ^_^ my patience is very weak -.-
    and that`s all ^_^ for the moment...if i forgot something just ask it and i will answer how fast i can Smile
    PS: I have a cute girlfriend xD
    PPS:Please make more hamachi networks ^_^

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