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    Post  {MOD}TheBest on Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:47 pm

    Position Applying For:
    I'm applying for GM position.

    Previous Experience with dekaron/job applying for:

    GM experience : I obtained on my own Pserver, learning the commands, helping friends, was a GM in CroDekaron hamachi server had like 50-60 ppl on it and i was GM on dk chrome,arena and toc.
    DEV experience: same as GM developed my own Pserver with all working skills and so on.
    My huge experience do not stop there, I also played so many Pservers, most of them are low exp rated, since many ppl transfered to hight exp ones, I went there too. I was in the top players of same.
    Pservers I have played: CroDekaron, DekaronExtreme, DekaronUltra , EG Dekaron, Dekaron Rusaki...

    How will you give yourself to the community:
    I will give my best to comunity, and helping people. I'm very active on forums and in game and I proved that. I'm very active on my mail, msn and skype so I may respond on questions very fast and correct. Me as a GM will remove some problems and activities from you devs and other GM's.

    How Active are you:
    I'm active at least 10 hours a day. You already may see how actually active am I. I was a first person with max reb on Rusaki, and also was farming gear with Lacky which had a first 180 set in game. The guys which were in my guild may prove that. I'm also very active on forums that can prove my posts.

    How dedicated are you:
    I'm very dedicated and trusted person. I have shown that in game by saving and making some changes on guildies accounts. They gave me fully trust and I didn't use it. I respond on questions and mails very fast and you may contact me in any time of a day or a year, I'll respond very quick and smart. I like to work in a team no matter what I am, member or a leader I'll fit in without any problems. You may see that in game, I was a leader of GOH the best guild on the server.

    How many languages do you speak:
    I speak 2 languages, Croatian and English, a bit of German.

    Why are you applying to be staff:
    I'm applying to be a staff of Assult because I want to improve your staff and refresh it with a new active and trusted person which likes to work in a good team. I have played your server so I know what are player needs on your server and usual in dekaron world, because of my experience.

    Information about yourself:
    My name is Mateo from Croatia, I'm 15. I'm pro gamer. I always have a team with me so working in team is not new for me. We work hard to get our goals realized. I work with some program languages but I still have to learn much. Im always up to learn something new and to work with new ppl. I'm trusted person and I know how to respect someones work.

    Why should we pick you out of all the other candidates:
    I'm very active person, means that I' up for work most of the day in game and forums.
    I'm trusted person, means that I wont use my position of a GM if you give me a chence.
    I'm so experienced person, if you look in my experience it says everything.
    I'm Hard working person, in presented work and playing you may see if I set some goals I realize them.
    I'm Team working person, means that i like to work in team on every place, as a member or a leader.
    I know how hard GM job actually is. I think I'm a good person for this place in your team. I would be a good GM even I know a MOD's and DEV's work.
    If you give me a chance I wont miss it and I'l give my best to improve your comunity and help you guys in your goals.

    Any other comments
    I think I'm good person for this job , because i really want to help your comunity and staff. I really want to make your server and comunity grove up and make it above the other servers there are on gaming Dekaron scene. Give me a cheance.

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    Post  [GM]destroyer on Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:00 pm

    wow since he created his own server fixed the bugs etc i say YEA!!!!

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