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    Post  Jeremey on Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:04 pm

    Main Info
    how old are you: 22

    have you ever been a staff member on any dekaron server or mmorpg: Yes, 3-4

    how much experience do you have for the spot you are applying for: Around a year

    how long have you been playing dekaron: 3 years

    what are the servers you have played on before..give the name of some of your chars: OnlyDekaron; ZanDekaron; OwnDekaron(My Old Serv) All my chars names were BagMi

    how long have you honestly been on this server: Around a hour. Just learned about it not long ago.

    Lets Talk Activity
    How active are you on the computer? Around... 6-10 hours a day maybe more

    How active will you be on our game throughout your use? All of it, nothing else to do on the internet anymore

    How dedicated are you willing to be with our game? 6-10 hours (Nothing to once again; but the serv is better than all others)

    Lets Talk Responsibility and Duty
    Are you responsible? Very

    Why do you want your position? I'm experienced with it and I want to help out GHRDK

    Are you going to follow the rules? Most definitely

    Are you lieing on this app? No; Nothing to lie about, I'm experienced with Dekaron

    What's the main job of a [DEV]? To help and develop (Hence the name [DEV]) the game.

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